New Urbanism News 8-23-2010

Rejuvenative Cities – This makes you think even beyond sustainability – Most thought provoking writing in a long time

GREAT article on social economic environmental issues with sprawl & why we have to develop differently

Holistic approach to transform cities into places that contribute to personal development, social harmony, diversity

DFW way too low on list of cities for bike/walk to work and too high in obesity

New empirical evidence that parking minimums encourage sprawl

Urban Planners Make You Fat

Public Private Partnerships, Public Transportation and Jobs for LA

Consumption as “insatiable egocentricity”

Factoring in house size and occupancy. Green: it’s not black and white

Suburban Tax on Traffic

America Rethinking Homeownership

21st century planning

NYC Mayor Wants Massive Bike-Sharing Program

The Global Cities Index 2010

Gourmet Food Trucks Race To Cover The Nation

“Train commuters avg 30% more walking, 4X more likely to achieve 10K steps/day recommended for health than car commuters.”

Redeveloping our Neighborhoods: Goodbye Suburbs, Hello NewUrbs (Ellen Dunham-Jones)

Sustainability Is Impossible Without a Major Economic Meltdown

DOT likely to continue funding for rail expansion

US Gasoline Demand Drops 0.03% in July But Total Petroleum Demand Up 3.8%

Senate bill would make energy-efficient mortgages mainstream

Is the Age of the McMansion Over?

More evidence that walkability is marketable

Poverty Moves to the Suburbs for Affordable Housing and Jobs

Renewable Energy in Texas Has Huge Jobs, Revenue Potential

 Sprawl by another name – claimed ‘net zero’ subdivision built on unwalkable farmland 40 miles from downtown

 L.A. Reforms Postwar Zoning Codes: The City of Los Angeles Planning Commission has reintroduced sweeping reform

 City Thinking Is Stuck in the 90’s

 What Happens if More Americans Want to Rent Instead of Buy?

Younger Americans are ditching driving

Romney calls for “energy policy that will actually eliminate our dependence on OPEC and hostile states.”

Is A Denser Urban World Inevitable?

The new face of housing – by 2025 85 percent of net household growth will consist of childless households

 Mixed-income Housing Delivers Fresh Hope

 The Demand Curve for Sprawl Slopes Downward

Battery for 100 mile electric car costs more than entire Ford Fiesta

Suburban Sprawl and the Decline of Social Capital

 The U.S.-China three legged climate race


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