New Urbanism News 8-10-10

Almost 45% of electricity in Portugal’s grid to come from renewable sources this yr, up from 17% just 5 yrs ago

The Case for Using the Power of Eminent Domain for Blighted Property

Innovation for the urban environment: introducing the bladeless micro-wind Fuller Wind Turbine.

Be more like Manhattan to save the earth, and don’t go halfway — interview with Green Metropolis author David Owen

Gas tax hike would pump up the job market, help close deficit

Chalk up a win for Smart Growth… for now

Transit-oriented Development Around Old Train Station Brings New Life to Distressed Long Island Community

Adam Smith’s Economic Principles Reduce San Francisco Parking Congestion

Is America ready for high-speed rail?

Fedl grants will fund new approaches to congestion: 7 states get $9.7 m.

Lose 142 Pounds (of Carbon) a Week

We should be more life Copenhagen

Resetting the American Family

In 1973, the US imported 30% of its oil. Now it imports 68%. Taking into acct inflation, the gas tax is 50% less than in 1973. solution?

User Fee Model Obsolete, But No Solution on the Horizon

States turn to tolls to fund roads

Are parts of Suburban Fringe “Downtown Adjacent?

What we want in our homes … is changing

Urban or Suburban? Perspectives on this much discussed topic

Density Means Less Driving

Location-efficient mortgages

12 Steps to a Sustainable Community

Environmentalism can never address climate change

Urban Forms Present Opportunities, Challenges

Rethinking cap and trade

Score one for livability

Texas Joins Challengers to EPA’s Greenhouse Gas ‘Tailoring’ Rule

Boomers drive shift toward urban living

Gourmet Food Trucks Struggle to Get on the Road in Dallas They roam cool cities across the country. Why not here?


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