Comments from Richard Florida @ ULI

Brief Summary

We are undergoing the largest economic, cultural and human change in history, brought into sharp focus by the economic crisis.  This will shape our future.

The real source of the recovery will not be government or technology – but the rise of new geographic powers, new economic landscapes, new ways of living and working.

We need a new mode of housing + transportation to fit the new economy.

It takes 2-3 decades start to finish to accomplish these resets.  The fixes are big – geographical fixes

One of the key drivers of economic development / growth is cities that are open-minded to diversity – expands the pool of creative talent.

Extensive and intensive use of urban space is the biggest potential growth engine

We are wasting this crisis – if we stay stuck in boundaries of current places, we cannot engineer the spatial fix and we won’t recover.

Our future will not longer be organized around big house & big cars – time costs matter to people more than anything else if the human mind is the key to our future

At the turn of the century 60%-70% of our income was consumed by food & clothing so we could not industrialize and we went through a big reset – now 54% of our income is consumed by housing & transportation, which sets up the need for another reset. To create wealth, we have to reduce H+T.


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Vice President and General Counsel, StreetLights Residential - Building Places that Life the Human Spirit.
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