Mixed Use Urbanism Stories for Last Week

The Future for Real Estate Developers

TOD Defined

College town as successful community model?

Editorial on Smart Codes

Urban Core Growing Faster Than Outer ‘Burbs: Are national policies likely to support this trend?

Going green makes cents

The Landscape of Innovation

In cities across America, light rail has become the symbol of success http://bit.ly/a34ZPk

Pondering Urban Authenticity: A Look at the New Book “Naked City”

6 Best New Urban Parks in the US

The environmental paradox of smart growth

What Owners Look for in Green Building and Why Contractors Should Care

Parking and Neighborhoods Should be Focus of TOD Revamps

Active living means housing choices that get people moving everyday

“People are getting fed up and want to move back into the cities.”

Creative Spaces & Places – NY Times

Can the Sunbelt & sprawl bounce back?

Streetcar Revival: Will Your Town Be Next? – At least 40 cities have lines in the works

Back on the Rails – Austin’s New Light Rail

Secretary LaHood – “People Want Better Transportation Options”

Extreme Commuting Still Commonplace

St. Louis Votes to Fund Transit; Fort Worth Goes Ahead with Streetcar

Upward of 70 percent of demand for more walkable and livable housing will come from the suburbs, and we need a transportation infrastructure to meet that demand

Can You Zone for a Successful Neighborhood?

22 U.S. Cities Planning New Streetcars

The environmental paradox of smart growth


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